Electric skateboards kits

Buying a kit makes building an electric skateboard very straight forward. There are a couple of good options available these days. So if you’re interested in being up and running fast with the hassle of making customer parts this is for you.

Motor mount kits

The hardest part of making an electric skateboard is mounting the motor to the trucks. There are a number of methods of doing this. Welding, clamping or pre made kits. The electronics, motor, and drive chain are “relatively” simple compare to mounting the motor.

DIY electric skateboards

http://diyelectricskateboard.com/ have a nice range of kits. I see he is even selling some in wheel motor setups which is interesting. Using a clamp style method which means you can tweak the setup on a squirish profile truck (calibre chinese knock offs by the looks). They’re selling a nice range of options with the a single motor mount starting at $117USD.

Enertion boards


Really thrown himself at promoting and starting forums, video and what not of late. He sells a wide range of kits from the single motor mount starting at $79 to complete boards with carbon fibre decks at $2090. Looks like he’s even got into getting customer Electric speed controllers and motors made of late. Has lots of videos and other information.

Alien drive systems


http://www.aliendrivesystems.com/ (seems to have shut down)

These guys where the first with kits but something seems to have changed of late and seem to have wound back a bit. Make some solid looking kits CNC’ed out of metal.

They’re kits include the motor mount and the large drive week cog to fit in the Abec 11 wheels. Information about it here. They have all the information you need about using their kits and suggested electronic speed controllers etc here:  http://www.aliendrivesystems.com/whats-required-for-a-diy-build.html


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