My Journey building an electric skateboard

Here are bunch of posts about my journey making an electric skateboard. Definitely a trial an error experience but it was fun learning about the different aspects. Hopefully you’ll learn from my mistakes.

Some very belated updates

A very belated update What can I say… I’ve been busy. I’ve finally got around to update this blog with an update on my board and setup. Here are some pictures.   What can I say. I’m not neat. I’ve been meaning to tidy up the bottom... read more

Up and running again

My new receiver arrived and I’ve stuck it all together and taken it for a spin. I used the programming card to set for slow acceleration and only 50% total power. The acceleration was very smooth and it was much nicer to ride. I will however have to bump it up... read more

New receiver arrived

So for those keeping up know that after going to a long test ride I fried my  HobbyKing Red Brick 125A ESC 🙁 I then purchase a new beefier 150A esc. At which point I realized the receiver was dead. I got the new ESC, wheels(cause I wanted to) and receiver. The new... read more

Riding stats

So it was sunny this weekend and I got out on my board. Good and bad. The stats are below. Turns out I broke it. After 3.8 km and plenty of battery juice left it just stopped. Something electrical is broken and I don’t know exactly what, just yet. The motor is... read more

Test rides

So took my board for a test ride yesterday afternoon. A couple of things of note: Top speed: got it to 12mph (20kph) at about 1/4 throttle I wasn’t game enough to take it past that. (I need a better GPS speed app than the one I downloaded). Basically the motor... read more

Up and running fast (scary fast)

So I’m up and running. It turns out doing this the second time making a  new motor mount etc was much faster than the first time round. It took me some tweaking of the belt tension today and making sure all 4 screws were in the motor mount but I’m up and... read more

Re-working begins

Okay so the so I had some issues with the prototype (small cog slipping on the motor, stripping the belt and lowish top speed). Most of the problems stem from poor cog and belt selection, so its time to rethink these. As always I’ve been looking over other... read more

Ride testing continues

UPDATE So I’ve just been for another ride after tightening the belt and realised that the belt isn’t slipping. What is slipping is the small cog on the shaft of the motor. The small cog has two small allen key screw in the side which screw and put presure... read more

First ride 🙁

So the board is moving and moving with me on it however I can’t say its working fantastically as I hoped. The belt seems to be slipping a bit when under pressure. i.e. With me on it up hill. Video of it all working: Will get some... read more

We have lift off

After the electronic arrived the week and the new motor cog on I finally got all the parts together and I got ti moving. I’ve made the motor mount holes a little larger so I can try and pull the belt tighter. I didn’t have any good straps to hold... read more

Electronics arrived

So finally my package arrived from A reminder that I did order this on the 18 March. So 3.5 weeks later the parts have arrived.   Now what I’ve realised is that I’m missing some connectors for the ESC to connect to the battery and a... read more

Mounting the motor (continues)

So I finally got around to try mounting the motor on the weekend and it was a little trickier than I thought. My plan was to screw the mounting bracket into the truck with some metal screws.   The cogs I needed to start by attaching the large cog the the wheel.... read more

Parts ordered

So I finally got a day off work to go to the hobby shop to further investigate the cogs and belts. After hours of looking over their incomprehensible website ( the guy in the store was able to find the right gear for me within minutes. Only... read more

Motor bracket (continued)

My concern has always been how to weld the bracket to the truck. So after a lot of thought about how to mount the motor and even cutting a cardboard template a few weeks ago I’ve decided to go for a different method of mounting.   Over Christmas I was... read more

Motor arrived….

So my motor has arrived in the post today. I ended up getting the little beast NTM 2665W With some expensive postage $62 So I’m now doing up a template for the mount.    Not a huge amount of clearance here Now the position of the motor is going to be dependant... read more

Street board vs Mountain board

So when building a electric skateboard you’re going to have to decide for a street board of a mountain board setup. Mountain Board Pros: Can go off board Handles cracks and generally crappy roads well Cons: Goes slower and users more power than street board... read more

Cheap longboard first ride

While I’m pretty handy on a snowboard and did a lot of inline skating in my youth (half pipe etc) I have to admit I’ve never ridden a longboard. I bearly ridden a normal skateboard so this long board thing is all pretty new. So I did what everyone does... read more

A cheap deck

I decided to by a cheap longboard. Why, because the cheapest longboard deck I could find on ebay was $60 and I stumbled across a complete longboard on ebay for $60. So I thought to myself. I’ll buy it and see what happens. i can always use it as a bit of a first... read more

Other electric skateboard projects

So I started looking at what other people were doing with their own home grown electric skateboards and that was a little RIVISTA harder to find. Their is the one wheel at the back scooter tear down: The totally useless from... read more

The search begins

To start my project I started looking around the internet for examples of other peoples electric boards to start with the off the self pre made numbers. What I found was a plethora of Chinese pre made units all about the same look and quality:... read more

How to make an electric skateboard

So I decided I wanted to make my own electric skateboard. It started last summer when I first saw someone zipping along the path at the beach on one and wholesale jerseys then really formed as an idea when I found my old cheap jerseys electric scooter that cheap... read more
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