*I’ve update this blog post so many times it feels strange but here is are some of the components and cost that it takes to build you’re own electronic skateboard.*

While you could got for a motor in wheel hub motor option explain a belt and drive model because at this stage they’re better.

Motor: USD $90-100 (per motor)

Out runner Brushless motor. (when in doubt more power 2000W). Go for a low KV motor kv = revolutions per minute around the 200 kv). For details check out here

ESC: USD $100

In an electric speed controller you need anything that can handle the huge amount of amps coming through it. Since I wrote this blog originally this part has come a long way. The open source VESC design from Ben Vedder pretty much went from re-purposing RC car materials to purpose built ESC off the rack which is great. More of ESC here

Controller: USD $35

Purpose built micro controllers are great. Super cheap from Aliecpress China. More on that here

Battery: USD $40-70

The number of batteries you using is a balance between range/power and weight. You’re looking at LiPo or LiPo4 batteries packs.  These are commonly used in car/plane battery packs. In addition to just any old batteries your looking for batteries with a nice cost / C value. C = in how quickly a battery can give back it’s power. Electronic skateboards take a lot of power quickly.  Also you’re looking for a lowish profile battery pack that you can strap to the bottom of the board.

Most people look at 3 cell pacs wired in series. Hobbyking.com is a good place to lookg for batteries

Batteries are explain like this: 2200mAh 3S 35C

  • mAH = total amount of power it holds = range
  • 3s = 3 cells
  • 35c = how quickly it gives up the juice.

I must have a post more about this right?

Belts and cogs:  USD $50

You could go hub drive or chain drive but at this point I still think that belt drive is the best option. A few years back this was a problem for me but there are a number of good kits on this.

i have another page on that 

Motor mount: USD $50 – $110

For this one your could do it yourself or buy a kit. I’ve got more detail about that here. 


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