The board parts

So your keen to make your own electric skateboard. I’m going to split this up into the follow parts:

First you’re going to need a board (strangely enough):


Most people pick a longboard because their stable and easy to ride but really the board itself could be almost anything. You can get a longboard deck from any number of places this makes no difference to the electric part of the board but people will talk about riding styles and flex. See a true longboard blog for indepth discussion. Alternatively strap some trucks to a fence plank. Personally I’ve chosen a hot pink longboard which the skate shop kids ask if I was buying it for my daughter.


Go for Abec 11 flywheel (or for cheap and cheerful type longboard flywheels into amazon). Why does everyone pick these wheels for electronic skaboards? Because they have spoked which means its easier to attach a large drive cog to them and still be able to rotate/change the wheels for wear. Otherwise you have to screw into the wheels directly which seems a bit wasteful. Also the Abec 11 are big wheels good to going over pavement cracks, twigs etc


Once again riders preference but Bones reds are recommended by most of the real skateboard blogs for price and quality: Amazon link

Bolts (got to stick those trucks down somehow) and spacers to attach the trucks to the deck. Depending on the angle of the motor mount the spacers could be important. With the angle of the motor mount you need to ensure the motor has some movement.


Now truck selection is where it gets interesting. This all depends on how you intend to attached the motor…….more on this in other sections. If your using a kit then they all seem to be using a rip off of the Caliber trucks above because of the square profile. You can find cheap knocks offs or the real thing. The real thing come in a range of colours and are well respected in the downhill community. Once again there are plenty of chinese rip offs of the Caliber Trucks style.

If your going for a weld method of attaching the motor almost anything should work (but welding aluminium has its own challenges). More on mounting the motor and trucks soon.


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