Endless Sphere project

Thought I might highlight a project on Endless Sphere that a commenter (Jacob, cheers mate) gave me the heads up about.


Really great stuff. The guy is a CNC operator from the UK whose done up some some motor mounting and cog pieces for the abec 11 wheels.

The most importantly he’s got some sets for sale. And I’ve been seriously thinking about it.  At the price of £69 plus postage for a 1 wheel drive mount and drive cog its an fantastic price. If I was doing this 6 month ago I would go for this without a  thought.

Works only with the Holey long board trucks (which are  UK based) and Abec 11 wheels which would make an awesome electric longboard. It really is the kit that should have been available a long time ago and I hope that they a do a few more of them.

For the electronics, they’re working with Alien Power Systems electronic speed controls (ESC) which look very robust but a little on the pricey/heavy duty side for my needs. (good PC user interface)

It took me a while to write this blog because I’ve been thinking I should snap up a set before I told anyone.

PS. Check out the http://endless-sphere.com website as it the best for electric vehicles. If you’re doing your own project I would also ask that you post on the forum to show everyone how you go and so people can learn from your experience.

endlessspher image


EDIT: note to self don’t drink wine and blog. So many typos and “awesomes” in this posst