First ride :(

So the board is moving and moving with me on it however I can’t say its working fantastically as I hoped. The belt seems to be slipping a bit when under pressure. i.e. With me on it up hill.

Video of it all working:Β

Will get some video of me on it when it’s not raining.


I think the belt and cog that I’ve gone for is way to fine teeth. A reminder this is what I went for.

Small Pulley

Pulleys – Timing – 2.032mm Pitch – MXL – To Suit

Teeth (No.) : 18 Suit Belt Width (mm): 6.0

Large Pulley

Pulleys – Timing – 2.032mm Pitch – MXL – To Suit
Teeth (No.) : 80 Suit Belt Width (mm): 6.0

It seem that I really need to tighten the tension on the belt to get enough purchase on the teeth to move my fat arse. Its looking like that bigger toothed belts and cogs is going to be needed. The motor and electronics are working fine and the mount is holding up even with my dodgy screws but the slipping belt will need some reworking . πŸ™


I noticed from the Β endless sphere project was using a 5mm belt.Β When I was buying the belt and cogs I thought they looked a little fine however I took the guideance of the guy at the store. Which he didn’t give very good advice on two fronts, the motor cog selection and the belt/cog selection in general. However, in saying that I went for it. That’s whats goign to happen when prototyping these things.

One other thing I noticed with the board is that when the battery is connected it doesn’t roll very freely. I.e. a lot of resistance to pushing unless the accelerator is depressed. I’ll have to do some more looking into this aspect. This is also going to need to be looked into.

All in all I’m a little disappointed but I’m not over yet. I’ve still got some more investigating and refinement to do.