LeGrange F1 Trucks & skateboard – kickstarter

So it looks like we have another electric skateboard kickstarter project. What’s that at least 4 this year ?

RedRock Boardshop is looking to raise an ambitions $100,000 and with 3 days left and $88000 shy it doesn’t look like taking off which is a shame.  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redrockboardshop/fully-customizable-electric-skateboard-w-the-lagra

So what are they offering. “Universal Motorized Skateboard Truck” which is an awesome idea and something that personally I’m looking for however at $300 for one truck its priced about 4 times what I think is reasonable and obviously so does the market.

leGrange L1 truck

Basically what we’re talking about is taking an existing truck and welding a mounting bracket onto it. Now you have to machine the bracket and you need a tig welder to weld the aluminium but $300 seems a little steep (considering you can get buy some 2 x Randal 180’s for about $60) or a cheap electric truck on ebay for about $75. or even buy a cheap chinese made electric skateboard for $500


In saying that I like the idea of a good quality truck to do your own thing with. And its exactly what I’ve been looking for but not at that price point.

legrange L1 board view

Now this kickstarter has a bewildering array of options to back but some of the other components for a complete board include:

Mumba motor speed controller (120A): $165

Surf Rodz Model RKP 10-mm precision front truck: $100 ($200 for two, why on earth anyone would pick such an expense truck is beyond me)

Dregs ‘Luv Yo Mutha’ 76mm soy-compound wheels: $80

Batteries 10Ah: $200

Deck: $100

Motor 3200 watt: about $100 (which is an absolute beast and can’t find on hobbyking )

Controller: $20

Total (excluding the ridiculous $300 for the truck mount): $765

Kickstart price: $1188

As I said I like the idea of  buying a truck and drive train but not at that price. So where did this kickstart fall down.

  • Well to start with boosted boards just finished a kickstart raising over $200,000 for a similar price electric skateboard. Pretty much wrapping up the worldwide demand for $1000+ electric skateboards from male hipsters with to much discretional income less than a month ago. Unlucky/poor timing
  • Boosted’s video was much much pretty  – See the latest valuation of pintrest for why this is important
  • Boosted got mass tech media coverage (techcrunch, engadget)
  • Boosted pitched it as “alternative transport”  (for the PR reason above)
  • LeGrange has a confusing array of kickstarter options

In short poor marketing

UPDATE: More photos and information on silverfish longboard site http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/The_LaGrange_Electric_Longboard_Truck

2 thoughts on “LeGrange F1 Trucks & skateboard – kickstarter”

  1. Hi Joël
    Did you figure out how to bind the motor to the truck ?
    What was your idea for this part of the project ?
    On my side I was thinking about cuting and welding myself a piece of aluminum with jigsaw and a a gas torch. It seems to be possible with some special welding stain but it will probably be quite messy and not very precise.
    That’s the cheapest idea I’ve got so far. But may be you thought of something smarter 🙂

    1. I’ve got one of two ideas for the bracket. As you said cutting a aluminium bracket shouldn’t be to much trouble with a jigsaw, drilling a whole then angle grinding down the axil to make it smooth an fit nice.

      As its aluminium welding I’m told that Tig welding is the best. There are a number of mobile welders or shops that I can try. But hoping to keep it under $40 Australian dollars. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_tungsten_arc_welding

      The second option is some type of gas torch based weld products. I’m sure that they aren’t going to be as strong or need but as long as the bracket is lined up well it shouldn’t be a problem.


      I actually saw some ones project where a guy made an aluminium clamp around the axil and that held so it might even be possible with an epoxy glue?

      Finished my other projects and ordering the motor today from hobby king so should be arriving this week.
      Will keep you posted.

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