Motor arrived….

So my motor has arrived in the post today. I ended up getting the little beast NTM 2665W

With some expensive postage $62

brushless motor

So I’m now doing up a template for the mount.

Electric skateboard mount template motor mouting Top view mount

Not a huge amount of clearance here


Now the position of the motor is going to be dependant on the pulley and belt. So my next purchase is pulley and belts. Now I’ve found a store in Australia that sells 135000 various small parts pulleys, belts, bearings etc so it’s a matter of trawling through the ugle website below.  Unfortunately they’re closed until the new year so the gears will need to be put on hold until then.


Mounting the motor

I was having a bit of a conversation about mounting the motor in the last post comments with Thomas.

I’ve got two ideas for mounting the bracket. Cutting a aluminium mount with a jigsaw shouldn’t be too much trouble, drilling a whole then angle grinding down the axil to make it smooth and fit nice.

I’m told that Tig welding is the best for aluminium welding. There are a number of mobile welders or shops that I can try. But hoping to keep it under $40 Australian dollars.

The second option is some type of gas torch based weld products. I’m sure that they aren’t going to be as strong or need but as long as the bracket is lined up well it shouldn’t be a problem.

I actually saw some ones project where a guy made an aluminium clamp around the axil and that held. So I’m sure this method should work or if you make the mount well epoxy glue might be possible?

My local hardware doesn’t have an aluminium sheets for the mount so I’m off the the metal workers.