Motor bracket (continued)

My concern has always been how to weld the bracket to the truck. So after a lot of thought about how to mount the motor and even cutting a cardboard template a few weeks ago I’ve decided to go for a different method of mounting.


Over Christmas I was telling my father in law about the project and that I needed to find some aluminium to make the bracket. He happened to have a right angled piece laying around to it got me thinking about the boosted boards method of mounting again.

boosted board mount

I think this can be achieved without the messy aluminium welding and just screwing into the trucks.



Cutting with a jigsaw






Now for some screws through the top



Now the bracket is obviously way to long but I need to get the gears and belt before deciding how long I need it, Also I will need the gears and belt before deciding where I along the truck I need to screw this into.


To screw into the trucks I will either tap a tread in or most likely cause I’m lazy use self tapping metal screws.



Now Jeff at Evolve Boards said to make sure you get a decent quality belt (I’m assuming streching and breaking at speed isn’t fun). They use Gates belts from the UK, so I might try and locate their v-belts if I can.

(Ps. Check out their boards if your looking for an off the shelf electric long board as they have by a long way the nicest commercially available boards