Parts ordered

So I finally got a day off work to go to the hobby shop to further investigate the cogs and belts. After hours of looking over their incomprehensible website ( the guy in the store was able to find the right gear for me within minutes. Only problem being he has to order it in. Hence its not for another 5 days until I get the parts.

Pulleys and belts

As the drive train seems to be wrapping up I also got online at hobbykings to buy the electrics. (It always pisses me off when I get to the delivery section however).

Cogs and belts

Small pulley

Qty: 1.00 EA P-MX-018-060FF-PFR-NNH-08.000

Pulleys – Timing – 2.032mm Pitch – MXL – To Suit

Teeth (No.) : 18 Suit Belt Width (mm): 6.0
Bore (d) (mm): 8.000


Large Pulley
Qty: 1.00 EA P-MX-080-060FF-PFR-NIL-08.000
Pulleys – Timing – 2.032mm Pitch – MXL – To Suit
Teeth (No.) : 80 Suit Belt Width (mm): 6.0
Bore (d) (mm): 8.000


Belts x 2
Qty: 2.00 EA B-MX-132-063-PK
Belts – Timing – 2.032mm Pitch – MXL – 6mm Wide
Teeth (No.) : 132 Length (mm): 268.22
Material : Polyurethane


Total: $47.81

The guys hooked me up with a 2.032mm toothed belt thinking that might be best for the use. The large cogs is only a little bit smaller than the wheel itself with a 80 / 18 teeth size ratio.


The receiver: 1x #HK-GT2/10608 Hobby King GT-2 2.4Ghz 2Ch Tx & Rx = $14.98
Battery: 1x #Z50006S-25/8586 ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 6S1P 25C = $44.00
Speed controller: 1x #RB125A-BTO/18015 HobbyKing Red Brick 125A ESC = $30.48
International (Registered) Air Mail 2kg $29.79
Taxes: $0.00
Total: $119.25

Also picked up a packs of metal screws to finish the mounting of the bracket. ($3.94)

So for those keeping score on the cost to date:

Cheap board on ebay: $60

Motor (plus ridiculous delivery charge to Oz): $62

Pulleys belts: $47.81

Electronics: $119.25

Bracket: Free (left over right angle piece of aluminium from my father inlaw) + $3.94 screws

Total so far: $293 (Australian Dollars)

I think this should be the final cost as well. All the rest of the components should be coming in the next week or so.  And baring breaking anything i should be able to put this together at this price.

Now the board itself is a piece of rubbish from ebay so if all goes well I might upgrade that to something nicer which is going to be another $200 or so.