Riding stats

So it was sunny this weekend and I got out on my board. Good and bad. The stats are below.

Turns out I broke it. After 3.8 km and plenty of battery juice left it just stopped. Something electrical is broken and I don’t know exactly what, just yet. The motor is beeping at me constantly and I’ve not longer got light on the little receiver connected to the ESC saying that it is receiving a singal/power. I think I blew the ESC. Nothing was very warm. Easily touchable with a bare hand just a slight bit warm.

Ride wise: I didn’t get it near half way on the throttle and got it up to a max of 28kph

Distance: ??? unknown. The battery seems to have plenty of juice left in it.

Ride: I loosened the trucks and the turnign was nicer. It could definatelt do with larger wheels to handle bigger bumps etc. Clearance.

Screenshot_2013-05-18-16-48-20 Screenshot_2013-05-18-16-47-16 Screenshot_2013-05-18-16-47-36

NOTE: Because I’ve mounted the motor with screws the motor moves a bit. This caused me to have an accident when the bottom of the motor bracket hit a gap in the pavement. Board stopped but I didn’t. Lucky I wasn’t going very fast but I’m missing a bit of skin (trusty helmet comes into play). I’ll get the video up. I’m going to round off the bottom of the bracket and I will need to weld the bracket as some point….. or look at other ways of ensuring good clearance.

motor bounce