Some very belated updates

What can I say… I’ve been busy.

I’ve finally got around to update this blog with an update on my board and setup. Here are some pictures.

What can I say. I’m not neat. I’ve been meaning to tidy up the bottom of my board and replace the dodge double sided velcro but I’ve never found the time. It works for me and I don’t really care. Maybe one day I’ll bust out some casing but who knows.

So what is the setup?

  • The receiver: 1x #HK-GT2/10608 Hobby King GT-2 2.4Ghz 2Ch Tx & Rx = $15
  • Battery: 1x #Z50006S-25/8586 ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 6S1P 25C = $44
  • Speed controller: Hobbyking 150A esc – about $70
  • Wheels: ABEC 11 Longboard Wheels FLYWHEELS Green 83mm 78A – $79
  • Deck : hot pink boardboard  – about $60 (skateboard guys asked if I was buying it for my daughter)
  • Grip tape: $15
  • Trucks: Caliber II Longboard Trucks – Midnight Satin Green 50 Degree – $55
  • Bearings: Bones red bearings – $12
  • Motor: Tunrigy Sk3 190kv – $94 (to be honest I)  think the 213kv might be a bit better
  • Mount: Got Simon’s old mount for nothing thanks! He was updating his design working on a part for sale but I haven’t heard how that panned out
  • Large cog: Alien Power systems 30T (second hand) – $30
  • Small cog: HTD 5mm 18T, 8mm bore –  about $10
  • Connectors & soldering iron etc: about $20
  • Charger $70 (paid too much for that one)
  • Delivery – a bucket load
  • Stuff ups – blew a speed controller and a receiver(?), purchased two motors, two decks, two different trucks and wheels, a couple of different belts (2mm is too small), cog setups, lost skin on my hands for stacking it, more postage and waiting around for stuff to be delivered from half way around the world.

I had fun. I learnt a lot and I made something that I can ride, Overall it was a fun hobby for a while. Could I have done it better, neater and cheaper. Hell yes, but the journey and all that shite.