Street board vs Mountain board

So when building a electric skateboard you’re going to have to decide for a street board of a mountain board setup.

Mountain Board


  • Can go off board
  • Handles cracks and generally crappy roads well


  • Goes slower and users more power than street board
  • Don’t turn as well

Street board vs Mountain board 1

Street board


  • Faster and use less power than mountain board
  • Can carve and turn and generally move not under battery power


  • Doesn’t handle cracks well

Street board vs Mountain board 2

So with that said, I’ve decide a street board is more my style. I’ve snowboarded quite a bit so I think a long street board is going to suit me best. I have to say I’m concerned about the general shitty nature of my local streets so I’ll be dusting some old protective gear off for good measure.