Test rides

So took my board for a test ride yesterday afternoon. A couple of things of note:

  • Top speed: got it to 12mph (20kph) at about 1/4 throttle I wasn’t game enough to take it past that. (I need a better GPS speed app than the one I downloaded). Basically the motor is a beast. This is a massive overkill regarding power.)  It can take off from standstill with me on it.
  • Hills: Went up rather steep hills without a problem.
  • Doesn’t push well when the battery is turned on. There seems to be a lot of force holding the motor in place. When the battery is turned off it rolls well.
  • Remote is twitchy. Because it has so much power pulling the remote a little bit makes it go fast. Some people have mentioned a slow mode. I need to do a bit more investigating on this however I think there is a slow acceleration mode for this ESC but I need to look into it more.
  • Wheel to large cog clearance isn’t good enough (2mm). Thinking bigger wheels maybe some Abec 11 flywheels with the cog wholes. The larger wheels will be better for cracks etc as well.
  • Turning circle rubbish: I say this is due to the cheap drop through trucks which came with the board. So I will need to look at getting nicer trucks.
  • Distance: I haven’t fully charged the battery and ridden it for a long time just yet. With the twitch controller its a little hard to ride.
  • Battery: The Lipo kinda scares me. I keep on hearing storeys of them exploding so it might be an idea to go for something a little less explody like the Lipo4. I’m charging mine in a terrcoatta pot on top of a concrete floor.
  • Wheel cog: After a bit of a ride one of the bolts started pulling itself through the wheel. See close-up. I’m using nylon locking nuts however I’m going to add a washed and second nut on the outside to make sure it doesn’t move anywhere.
  • Heat – The ESC heated up a bit but nothing too bad. Once I’ve got the twitchness of the controller sorted I will get a longer ride on it.


Picture of the clearance


Another picture of clearance

<img class="alignnone size-large wp-image-272" alt="IMAG0330" src="http://howtomakeanelectricskateboard.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/imag0330.jpg?w=470" width="470" height="264" srcset="http://www.howtomakeanelectricskateboard.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/imag0330.jpg 3264w, http://www donde comprar viagra en sevilla.howtomakeanelectricskateboard.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/imag0330-300×169.jpg 300w, http://www.howtomakeanelectricskateboard.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/imag0330-768×433.jpg 768w, http://www.howtomakeanelectricskateboard.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/imag0330-1024×577.jpg 1024w, http://www.howtomakeanelectricskateboard.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/imag0330-1200×676.jpg 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 470px) 100vw, 470px” />

Motor mount clearance


Picture of th enut pulling through


Another picture of the nut pulling through


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14 thoughts on “Test rides”

  1. Try paris 195mm…..awesome trucks!!!
    I just got the Road White Captain wheels with 80mm diameter and 72mm surface contact. These wheels should help gaining clearance. How does your ESC and engine work? Does get hot? Any issues? How many miles you covered in this particular test?

    1. Your right Paris trucks a pretty universally know as good quality solid trucks.
      I haven’t got around to trying the slow setting on the ESC yet and on the fast setting its not that much fun riding so I haven’t run it until the battery died yet. So no details on heat or mileage just yet. I’ll most likely have a change this weekend.

  2. Don’t worry about the lipo’s.
    I fly a Cinestar 8 octocopter.
    Hovers at 50 amp’s and climbs at 125 amp’s.
    I have 4S: 10x 5000mah 1x 8000mah 1x 5800mah
    3S: 15x 2200mah 4x 1300mah 3x 1000mah 2x 500mah
    Never had problems with them.
    Fly lipo’s for 2 years now. All different sizes and never had one explode or burst into flames, and I really abuse them! (talking about flying delta wings full throttle into the ground)
    Even shorted one out a few times, nothing happened…
    Offcourse you have to be careful with the lipo’s treat them well. Read bed time story’s to them and stuff. (just kidding)
    Charge them with a smoke detector in the room and in a metal container or lipo bag. And you will be fine.
    The lipo’s dont just instantly explode. First they puff and get warm, in that case you have to stop using or stop charging them.
    If they were so dangerous they wouldn’t be in every modern phone in the world and in electric cars!
    Greetings from The Netherlands,
    Top Sight Aerials

  3. Interesting to hear. Maybe concern about them is old wives tales. but I’ll keep an eye on them while charging.

    Just to clarify should they English or Dutch bed time stories?

  4. About the turning radius…

    My board and parts are very, very much identical to yours and had the same problem about turning radius. I’ve did the following:
    1 – Try to loosen up the king pin from the trucks first.
    2 – Try to replace the bushings , get softer ones
    (the above worked for me)
    3 – If the above does not work for you.. buy Paris Trucks.. these won’t leave you frustrated… I got these in my board just a couple of weeks ago (just bought on impulse) and they are great…

    After I’ve put the Paris Trucks, I had to cut the shape around the wheels a little bit to avoid the whells breaking sundelly due to attrition with the board. (belive me.. when that happens, It hurts a lot… got a couple bruises due to unexpected board break due to sunden contact between the wheels and shape, because it can really carve and curve very well.).

  5. This is why you need to prototype and make each part many times over and then do it all again. Then trying to bring it to the market is an entire new process and costly and risky. You need to adjust your gear ratio’s, that large drive cog will give you lots of torque, need to find the balance. Then you’ll have the issues of your parts moving as you use or flog the board, especially that system you have for drilling holes in your wheels, what will you do when you need to change wheels as they wear? These are just observations and each board is different! I bet your loving this and its driving you crazy 🙂

    1. Your rights it has been fun/driving me crazy. For me the enjoyment is in learning new things and the process of figuring out how to make something like this work. I like having a project to tinker with. This one has the bonus of having a super fun board to ride around on. (the previous project was a MAME arcade emulator to play street fighter and mortal combat)

      The mounting plate should really be welded but I’ve been trying to use the tools I have to hand.
      Wheels I would like to go for some Abec 11 flywheels so I don’t have to drill through them.

      Looks like your business is going well. I’m liking the added reviews and videos on Facebook from those who purchased the Evolve boards. (remember content is king)

  6. I’m about to try fixing a cog on my wheels this week when my cogs arrive but since I just couldn’t find a larger then 45mm all be need a very thin screw so I’m thinking about wood crews on the wheel and not going through just four five or six of them to hold the cog

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