My new receiver arrived and I’ve stuck it all together and taken it for a spin.

I used the programming card to set for slow acceleration and only 50% total power. The acceleration was very smooth and it was much nicer to ride. I will however have to bump it up over 50% power as it was a little on the sluggish side.

The Abec 11 wheels are nice & its handy having such large wheels as the path I was on had lots of cracks/twigs.



2013-07-09_09-40-18 2013-07-09_09-40-12

Was powering along rather nicely (however one of my wheel bolts was loosing itself) until i once again found the weakest link in my board. The screw mounting……

I kinda knew that the screw mounting wasn’t the most secure mounting method and that I should get it welded but I haven’t really go around to it. Anyway. One of the screws pulled out and the other tore off.



IMAG0362 IMAG0363

While not ideal, I’m not so worried about it all because I think the setup is working nice now and the I new that the mount would need to be welded. The ESC, motor, belt, speed, acceleration and wheels all seem to be working nicely.

(Not 100% happy with the noise of the ESC fan but it’s fine if it keeps this one from blowing. Also you don’t notice once you’re rolling)

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