Vitalie’s Eboard

So one of the readers of this blog Vitalie wanted to share the details of his build. Its a fantastic looking board and very neat execution. The mounting is something that I haven’t seen before but works well and doesn’t require any welding which is good.  Vitalie has provided the following details for those interested.

I’m hoping to catch up with Vitalie this weekend to ask some questions and will update when I do. However, hit him up in the comments of this page to ask more questions.

  • Motor: Turnigy SK2 6364-245kv
  • Belt: “GT2 Belt <15mm width and 5mm teeth>, 20 teeth in the front and 30 teeth wheel cog and 70mm wheels and I am thinking to get the 80mm and 70mm contact patch wheels for more clearance and smoother ride.” (The GT2 15m wide belt 5mm teeth sounds like a better option than the HTD I chose)
  • Battery and performance: “my first test drive this morning and I got 4.75 miles out of one lifepo4 Turnigy 4.5mah -19.8 volt pack. My longboard went uphill at 15 mph with 25% throttle.” (He went for the LiFePO4 battery which is less inclined to explode than the Lipo)
  • Bracket: “The bracket is about 7mm-8mm thick and screwed into 195 mm Paris trucks. I have a friend that works in a metal shop and he helped me with the fabrication.” (Nice trucks and great mounting idea for the bracket, 3 screws hold the bracket in place)


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