Reviews of Electric Skateboards

The posts are reviews of electric skateboards on the market. The market has eboards available off the shelf so keep an eye out for new things.

Alien power systems

Turns out the guys in the UK making longboard kits have got a website up for ordering parts: Their new website: The original Endless sphere blog thread:

Jacob’s eboard

Thought i would put this one on its own page. Jacob’s just posted a video of his eboard. He bought one of the kits that beetbock is selling on the forums. Previous post about it: Endless sphere thread:   They’ve very neat and I would recommend for those not wanting any hassle making metal bracket, …

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LeGrange F1 Trucks & skateboard – kickstarter

So it looks like we have another electric skateboard kickstarter project. What’s that at least 4 this year ? RedRock Boardshop is looking to raise an ambitions $100,000 and with 3 days left and $88000 shy it doesn’t look like taking off which is a shame. So what are they offering. “Universal Motorized Skateboard …

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Boosted boards electric skateboard – engadget photos

So the lovely people on have had a chance to get their hands on the boosted board and take a ton of close up photos of the drive train. While the article itself isn’t the most enlightening for someone embarking on a self build the photos are: Now I’ve just ripped these photos off …

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