New receiver arrived

So for those keeping up know that after going to a long test ride I fried my  HobbyKing Red Brick 125A ESC 🙁 I then purchase a new beefier 150A esc. At which point I realized the receiver was dead. I got the new ESC, wheels(cause I wanted to) and receiver. The new receiver just arrived and have spent a …

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Alien power systems

Turns out the guys in the UK making longboard kits have got a website up for ordering parts: Their new website: The original Endless sphere blog thread:

Riding stats

So it was sunny this weekend and I got out on my board. Good and bad. The stats are below. Turns out I broke it. After 3.8 km and plenty of battery juice left it just stopped. Something electrical is broken and I don’t know exactly what, just yet. The motor is beeping at me …

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Test rides

So took my board for a test ride yesterday afternoon. A couple of things of note: Top speed: got it to 12mph (20kph) at about 1/4 throttle I wasn’t game enough to take it past that. (I need a better GPS speed app than the one I downloaded). Basically the motor is a beast. This …

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Jacob’s eboard

Thought i would put this one on its own page. Jacob’s just posted a video of his eboard. He bought one of the kits that beetbock is selling on the forums. Previous post about it: Endless sphere thread:   They’ve very neat and I would recommend for those not wanting any hassle making metal bracket, …

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