Boosted boards 2 review 2

Boosted boards 2 review

Boosted Board 2 review

When I first saw boosted boards it was a raw kickstarter project, so I thought it was beyond time to look at what has changed, especially as they’ve recently launched their second generation board.

From the first kickstarter campaign until the launch of Boosted Boards 1, the boosted boards team did a lot of development work. For a kickstarter they’re blog was great as they update all the backers with their progress and also details about their development decisions. It was also good from a persepective of someone lookign to make an electric skateboard.

However, if your reading this blog then you’re probably interested in making your own board either as a combination of to build things, cost or other. So check out the components list of and electronics skateboard 

Boosted Boards 2

When we look at boosted boards to we’re really looking at the things they think they didn’t get quite right the first time. So what’s change from Boosted Boards 1 to 2?

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One common them of reviews for the Boosted Board one was the limited range. For the 2nd generation Boosted Board they’re offer larger battery capacity at $100 extra. Taking it from 7mile to 12 mile range..

For the boosted board one they ended up going to a custom made LiFePO4 batteries as opposed to the LiPo that most people and Remote control enthusiast use. Why? They’ve got an in depth blog about it here. It seems that the short and long of it is, they’re a more stable chemistry but bulkier.

The extend range give 199 watt hours up from 99watt hours (from previous post they said they run at 38.4volts) for those playing at home the standard board is 2500mAh and the extended is 5200mAh (milli-Amp Hours). I have to say they is very light on and a bit cheap for a board that is selling at $1300. By comparison the evolve boards is rocking 7000mAh.

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More waterproof/resistant

More splashy splashy less breaky breaky. You get the deal.

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Replacement Battery

Another change is the introduction of a swap-able battery back. It was something they had planned fro the Boosted Board one but changed through-out the design phase.

“But during the engineering phase of the project, with the heavy vibration and potential for a water splash onto the battery, we discovered that a connector was much less reliable, and therefore not as safe, as soldering the battery wires permanently.”

Turns out they figure that part out for Boosted Board 2.

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Slight change in the wheels from 75mm Orangatang “in heat” to the 80mm Orangatang “Kegel” wheels with the new wheel being a flywheel which means no more wholes screwed through the wheels and also the larger size helps with the bumps a little bit.


I’m going to be honest the other thing are much of the muchness.

Boasted Boards is making a very nice board all round, the price is still meh but they’ve put a lot of R&D into the board and all round its a great board. Buy one of these and I’m sure you wont be complaining.