Ride testing continues


So I’ve just been for another ride after tightening the belt and realised that the belt isn’t slipping. What is slipping is the small cog on the shaft of the motor. The small cog has two small allen key screw in the side which screw and put presure on the motor shaft. The idea is that they have enough presure on the side of the motor shaft to rotate. However, they don’t hence the motor shaft is spinning but small cog is staying still.

Its making this hideous high pitched metal on metal sound.

I’ll have to look at a way to make the connection a bit more secure. (I wonder how tough the shaft of the motor is? maybe i can make a small whole in the side of it with a metal drill. )


So using a new steel drill bit I was able to put a small indent into the side of the motor shaft. now i did think the drill bit was going to break the whole time and the indent in the side isn’t a very impressive “hole”  however it works.






So this small indent works for stopping the cog spinning on the shaft of the motor.  So I got that going and went for a bit of a test ride. All was goign well for a while but I after a while I noticed another small problems

IMAG0273 (2)


Under pressure the weakest point was now the teeth on the belt. I changed belts up and did some tweaking on the belt tensioning. And went for another ride. I got it upto a max speed on flat ground which was about  15km/h -20km/h and it was all looking good. As long as I didn’t press hard on the acceleration it seems to work okay and no nasty noises.  When I took my finger off the accelerator it didn’t nicely roll to a stop it was a bit more abrupt then that. There seemed to be a bit of friction on the wheel.

Anyway I took it for a few little rides today trying to tweak things. The last ride one of the screws which came through the wheel was sticking out a bit to far and was rubbing against the mount which caused the wheel to not spin freely. This extra pressure on the movement of the wheel stripped the belt of the teeth.



I also noticed that while I was pretty close I wasn’t 100 spot on centre for the large cog. Hence the belt gets a bit tighter and bit looser as it spins through 360. Only a fraction but when the belt is tight it makes a bit of a difference.


Where from here?

I need new belts and cogs. I think I need a belt/cog setup with bigger teeth and a wider belt. Something with more room for error and more surface area for contact. So I’m back to the blogs to check out other peoples successful board creations and see if I can’t glean anything from their setups.