We have lift off

After the electronic arrived the week and the new motor cog on I finally got all the parts together and I got ti moving. I’ve made the motor mount holes a little larger so I can try and pull the belt tighter.


I didn’t have any good straps to hold everything onto the board so I just stapled in some zip ties.  Its not fantastic but it held for the ride.



The Electronics

The electronic speed controller came with no connectors attached just raw wire. So I had to run out to the hobby store to grab some connectors.

The motor had banana clips which was fine. However, the battery came with a clip that the hobby store didn’t have. So I had to cut off the existing connectors and solder on some heavy duty gold plate version and used heat shrink to insulate.

Now I was talking to the hobby guy about why there isn’t any standard connectors in the hobby industry. It turns out there are 20 “standard” connectors styles so I guess that means there are none so keep that in mind when buying your RC parts.


I also forgot a battery charger and some 8xAA batteries for the controller (they should have been pretty obvious right)


$80 charger

$18 connectors

Solder: $2

Heat shrink wrap: $4

8 x AA batteries:  $12

The motor cog

The hobby store had previous provided me with a plastic cog without grub screws to screw it into the motor shaft so I needed a new one. They only had a 6mm whole and my motor shaft was 8mm. So out with the drill again. I drilled 6.5mm, 7mm, 7.5mm then finally 8mm. This was far from ideal but it worked in the end.

New cog: $22.45 (including postage)


Test run

So I got it moving. Test run to be continued……………


One thing however, the