electric skateboard component list – the board

So I thought I would do a bit of a list of the things that I’m going to need to create you electric skateboard and approximate prices.

The board: $60

I was looking around for a longborad deck only and I saw a cheap longboard complete deck, bearings, wheels and all. Given it was the same price as a deck I thought I would buy it and give it a go. Even if its terrible it could be a nice testing ground for something better.

Link to a similar one on ebay it your interested: ebay link here

bamboo longboard on ebay

Now if you wanted a decent longboard setup.

Deck: $150 (Anywhere from $60-$250)

Lots of choose check out daddies boardshop

Bearings: $15 – $35

Most of the longboard blogs recommend Bones (reds are the cheaper ones and Swiss are the higher end)

electric skateboard component list - the board 1

Trucks: $45 a pair

Paris 180mm or Randal 180mm reverse kingpin trucks are consistent favourites.  Paris come in a range of colours if that’s your thing. I’m also a little interested in the Gullwing sidewinder for the carvability. You can find these pretty easy on ebay. Many ebay stores do decent truck and wheel packages for a good price. eg here

electric skateboard component list - the board 2

Wheels: $65

Now the list of longboard is extensive. however I’m leaning towards the Abec 11 flywheel because of the flywheel whole should give you something to screw a gear through.  Check out the youtube video for longboard wheels explained.

abec11 flywheel

Bolts spacers etc: $10

Good longboard deck total: So for those keeping score your up looking at the very least $175 – $275 mark for a nice longboard setup, depending on deck selection.


I’ll continue with the electronics part in the next installment……