My Journey

Here are bunch of posts about my journey making an electric skateboard. Definitely a trial an error in the DIY experience experience but it was fun learning about the different aspects. Hopefully you’ll learn from my mistakes.

Motor arrived….

So my motor has arrived in the post today. I ended up getting the little beast NTM 2665W With some expensive postage $62 So I’m now doing up a template for the mount.    Not a huge amount of clearance here Now the position of the motor is going to be dependant on the pulley …

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A cheap deck

I decided to by a cheap longboard. Why, because the cheapest longboard deck I could find on ebay was $60 and I stumbled across a complete longboard on ebay for $60. So I thought to myself. I’ll buy it and see what happens. i can always use it as a bit of a first round …

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Other electric skateboard projects

So I started looking at what other people were doing with their own home grown electric skateboards and that was a little RIVISTA harder to find. Their is the one wheel at the back scooter tear down: The totally useless from ehow: yeah cheap jerseys fuck you ehow The Cards pulling apart of cheap nfl jerseys …

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The search begins

To start my project I started looking around the internet for examples of other peoples electric boards to start with the off the self pre made numbers. What I found was a plethora of Chinese pre made units all about the same look and quality: (interesting kick starter project with weight …

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