My Journey

Here are bunch of posts about my journey making an electric skateboard. Definitely a trial an error in the DIY experience experience but it was fun learning about the different aspects. Hopefully you’ll learn from my mistakes.

Re-working begins

Okay so the so I had some issues with the prototype (small cog slipping on the motor, stripping the belt and lowish top speed). Most of the problems stem from poor cog and belt selection, so its time to rethink these. As always I’ve been looking over other peoples sucessful projects. Youtube clip of longboard Endless …

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First ride :(

So the board is moving and moving with me on it however I can’t say its working fantastically as I hoped. The belt seems to be slipping a bit when under pressure. i.e. With me on it up hill. Video of it all working: Will get some video of me on it when it’s not …

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We have lift off

After the electronic arrived the week and the new motor cog on I finally got all the parts together and I got ti moving. I’ve made the motor mount holes a little larger so I can try and pull the belt tighter. I didn’t have any good straps to hold everything onto the board so …

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Electronics arrived

So finally my package arrived from A reminder that I did order this on the 18 March. So 3.5 weeks later the parts have arrived.   Now what I’ve realised is that I’m missing some connectors for the ESC to connect to the battery and a battery charger. So the assembly is going to …

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Parts ordered

So I finally got a day off work to go to the hobby shop to further investigate the cogs and belts. After hours of looking over their incomprehensible website ( the guy in the store was able to find the right gear for me within minutes. Only problem being he has to order it in. Hence its …

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