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While I know you’re ready a blog about making and electric skateboard, I must say that you can go out and buy today that is well designed and tested. Gone are the days where the only options where terrible clunky Chinese made things, with giant tires.

It will definitely save you some time and potentially some trial and error.

While some of these options aren’t cheap it’s worth noting they’ve many have put in quite a bit of R&D, prototyping and engineering expertise.

I’ve chosen some the follow for the quality construct if you want to buy something cheap and dodgy check out ebay.

Evolve Skateboards 

(Use my referral code to get a free Serfas front light and vertical board rack (valued at $75) when buying a board)

$860 USD –  GT Street dual motor entry level board)

This guy was the first person to make a decent electric skateboard with quality parts. He’s been doing it the longest and looks to have a good price and good reviews. I especially like the gullwing sidewinder style double jointed trucks he uses for the extra carve. Also some models have interchangeable mountain wheels which is a very nice.

Best electric skateboards 1

Boosted boards

$859 USD – for the mini S

$1499 USD – for the longboard

Probably half the reason your reading this blog. Got a lot of press even did a TED talk about changing the face of transport blah blah blah. (honestly electric skateboards are toys for relatively rich man children like myself, fun but ain’t changing the face of transport).

Anyway they’ve put a lot of time, effort and thought into the construction of their boards and fine tuning them over a number of years. They even have an app (god knows why you need an app).  On that side they chose for a more stable LiFePO4 battery which are more stable (less explody than LiPo) but less energy dense.  Their blog article about it here: which is potentially a reason that people complained about the range of the first generation.

Check our my more detailed review of the boosted boards kickstarter here & an update I did here. More recently with the X and Mini series they’ve replaced all the standard-ised skateboard parts (Vangard Decks & Orangutan wheels with their own branded parts.

Best electric skateboards 2

Yunee  e-go 2

~$340 USD (299Euro)

Can’t argue with the price however it is a small single motor board. Standard setup for an electric skateboard in a small package. Not bringing anything new put a cheap price, funny colours and a new level of stupid naming.

Best electric skateboards 3

Z-board 2

$1299 – but has pressure sensitive foot pad controlling

I say the Z-board 2 because when Z-board first came out the board itself was a pile of rubbish. They basically got a dodgy Chinese board Lead batteries and all and pressure sensitive foot pads on it. With the Z-board 2 they’ve upgraded the wheels, board and battery. Hence it makes this list. They’ve also got some led head and tail lights which would look cool.

Best electric skateboards 4

Leif boards


Their original kickstarted didn’t get funded which I was sad to see. However, they got funding and are selling now. This is more electric snowboard with a totally different drive system with additional wheel underneath the board that allows you to drift like a snowboard. I would like to give this one a try sometime but I’m not will to spend $1649 for the pleasure.

Best electric skateboards 5

The ridiculous

Caseboard: Electric skateboard in a plastic foldable case. Why?

ArcaMini this tiny square thing that makes it look like the people in their promo video are going to stack at any second

Movpak Wheel briefcase tat turns into and electric skateboard. Honestly someone bought that.

Bolt:  this tenny-tiny thing is a pretty standard setup but small. $899 USD on indiegogo

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